Anet A8 Z rods couplings improve ( Prusa i3 type printer )

On this video im testing a brand new improve that supose to assist me to eliminate Z wobble drawback.
Its the final low cost answer I can do to enhance Z rods stability.
I dont assume so I made any extra enhancements to my Z stability as a result of its greater than okay in my printer 🙂 .

If You wish to order couplings like that test the listing beneath please.

Higher Versatile Couplings –

You’ll find my Anti Z wobble mod right here –

my Anet A8 upgrades SHOPPING LIST 😉 :

I ordered printer right here, quick delivery, latest model of printer digital –


You may order GENUINE 3DTouch sensor right here :

Or GENUINE BLTouch if You like is right here:
Or least expensive one right here :
Raspberry Pi3 for OctoPrint –
Raspberry Pi Digicam v2.1 (latest finest one) –
WiFi energy change –

Energy Meters –

Vertex Buildtak plate I ordered it right here on Amazon :

My glass panel (superb value, its 2 of them) –

Higher Versatile Couplings (that issues 😛 ) –

LED strips right here for instance –

LED Dimmer Swap –

Tooth Pulleys –

New Strengthened Belts –

Mosfet –

Sizzling Mattress MK3 (12V or 24V) –

e3d V6 Extruder (clone) –

Bowden (Proper Handed) –


Maintain Down Bracket –
Glass Mattress Mounts –
Cable Chain i exploit on my construct –
Motor Mount for Bowden (I PRINTED MIRRORED VERSION AND DRILL 2 MOUNTING HOLES), I remix this later –
Spring Washers –
Sizzling Mattress Y Axis Cable Chain v2 (im not likely pleased with that design…) –
Energy Swap Case –
Raspberry Pi Cam Holder (have to file it down alot for v2.1 cam, not likely PnP ) –
E3D Mount with blower and Z induction mount (I used adapter I designed for 3DTouch sensor ) –
X-Carriage for e3d mount –
e3d v6 Cable Chain mount –
e3d v6 Clamp with chain holder + LED strip –
3DTouch Sensor adapter for e3d clamp –
Anet A8 sizzling mattress IGUS holders/clamps –
Brackets to Cut back X-Axis Movement –
Rear Body Brace –
Entrance Body Brace (I solely print entrance) –
X axis belt tensioner (I simply add knob) –
Y axis Belt tensioner –
Exterior LCD Enclosure –

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